Quick Tip Tuesdays

Okay so I know during the week life can be hectic,  especially me I go to school full time and work two jobs at the gym and I’m also Social Media coordinator for my Dad’s business trust me I know crazy… but anything to make my life easier is always a plus! So from now on on Tuesdays I’ll be posting quick tips on health, beauty, food ect. It’s little things that everyone can try or do themselves that I’ve been practicing.

So for this week’s Quick Tip Tuesday:

How to make Black Coffee Delicious! 

I’m not a black coffee fanatic my taste buds haven’t quite gotten there yet, I’m only 21 ok so give me a break,  but I have been trying to ease myself into it. Also black coffee doesn’t have as many calories as my white chocolate mocha cream filled usual.. so what to do?

Step one: Add one to two tablespoons of Cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing! Easy as that the aroma from this will have your mouth watering in seconds you won’t be able to contain your self from drinking the whole pot.

By brewing your cinnamon with your grounds it gives it a nice taste very subtle, but effective I love it and drink my coffee this way every morning,  to top it off I use a few squirts of my agave nectar or stevia packets for a natural sweetner! It’s quick and easy and COST EFFECTIVE seriously your saving money of buying creamer and on calories!  Give it a try it works also with other spices as well so if your not a cinnamon fan try pumpkin spice or allspice and most of these are full of antioxidants too!
So happy Tuesday everyone!
Xoxo – Nicole



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