Society’s Beauty Myths Unveiled

Society’s Beauty Myths Unveiled

This is amazing this father should get an award! I hate how magazines use many of these words he points out, it is whats wrong with the beauty industry and fashion industry. They make women feel as if we aren’t good enough and they use these words to demise us, and it sells because women have been fed this statistic for years that skinny, flawless, ageless, natural beauty… when it all should have a sign saying “HELLO WE’VE ALL BEEN HEAVILY PHOTOSHOPPED”!!! It angers me so, because I’m in this field of journalism and my passion is in fashion, fitness and health I’m glad I have my blog where I can a translate to so many women not to fall into Americas Magazine Crap! I’m glad there are people out there like this man who are willing to show the truth, such as I try to do that is all we can do. It shows that truth speaks for it self as you can see, the light is there we just have to bring it out from the darkness.

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Transformation Tuesday


This has been a transformation since April of 2013 when I decided to get back in shape and started educating myself on how to live a healthy life. I researched everything and watched youtube videos galore I asked personal trainer friends of mine and just started going at it.  Now I couldn’t see myself not living this way.

I eat what I want in proportion there is no cheat day bc I never deprive myself so my body doesn’t have cravings. I looked into what lifting weights was and how it effected your body. Myth: you don’t get bulky you get faster and better results. Truth: you look ten times better than busting your butt doing Cardio 24/7 trying to burn off the fat bc why? MUSCLE is less dense than fat, hence Muscle burns Fat. Can I get an AMEN! So I started doing Cross fit during the summer then took what I learned from those  exercises into the Gym.

It hasn’t been a full year I’m at the 8 month mark since that picture was taken, but I’ve been getting discouraged and have been wanting to encourage myself. Seeing these two pictures definitely opened my eyes a little to the changes in my body. The picture on Left I weigh only 7 lbs less but you can tell the difference bc of my muscle I’ve gained and fat I’ve lost just goes to show that SCALES aren’t everything. I try to tell people this all time! It’s being HEALTHY and STRONG not your end goal to just be Skinny. 

Zero Is Not A Size. Let’s stop comparing sizes because no one person will have the same journey as you do.

I went from wearing at my highest a size 10 to being able to fit into a size 4-6 it’s a great feeling and accomplishment for myself and I have to remind myself that I did it. So to all you out there who all also on this journey keep going. I get so encouraged when I see others succeed and prosper. I will go on youtube and watch other people’s testimony to get myself going…. like yeah if they can do it so can I! I can’t give up I’ve come too far, and then get back on that GRIND and GYM TIME!

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Today for lunch I made a Yummy Avocado Chicken Salad! OMG it was delicious I’ve been trying to find new ways to make transitions from fattening salad dressing I normally use on a daily basis with my foods like mayo, ranch and use less fattening or organic sauces to liven up my foods. I’ve seen it on Pinterest a lot but never gave it a try.. well when I went grocery shopping Friday night I was like hey… I’m going to give this a go because, I LOVEEEE chicken salad and eat it quite often since it’s an easy fix and store.  This Recipe is so easy a Tolder could do it I’m being serious! I did it under  5 mins maybe  even 3 I’ll have to time myself next time I make it and see.


What you need AKA Ingredients:

Chicken & Avocado ( lemon juice, pepper, salt opptional)

Step 1: You can use canned Chicken or broil your chicken either ones fine

Step 2: One whole Avocado peel and put in a bow with you chicken

Step 3: Mix the chicken and Avocado together, add pepper, salt ( I like onion powder, crushed onions and a dash of lemon juice as well) its preferences with what to mix in honestly, whatever you like. I basically put what I would normally if I were to make a quick Guacamole.

And Whallaaah! Presto Donzo you have a scrumptious lunch in no time, I ate with mine no bread, because I’m trying to cut down on carbs, only eating them when necessary you get a lot of carbs naturally no need to be adding processed white carbs ( breads) to my diet, but you can do whatever, eat it with some whole wheat crackers or whole wheat bread would be yummy and great!  I paired it with handful of fresh fruit like Grapes and Strawberries they were mouth watering so ripe and Mozzarella cheese.

   Thats all for today’s yummy nutrition from me, now go make a good salad for yourself it’s quick and easy and makes a great lunch or dinner for on the go. I’m a busy college student I know you don’t have time, so go make one and stick it in the fridge for later I did!




Friday’s Work out routine.

Hello and Happy Friday, here in Whitehouse, Texas it is nasty, I think Mother Nature forgot to take her meds again, last week it was great this week its a blizzard without the snow, we have slight flurries, sleet/rain mixture… you don’t want to be out and about. But I was a good Apple and after school I headed to the gym before it got too bad. Today was Leg day although most people hate leg day I love it! Maybe because my whole life my legs have been as my mother called them when I was young ” legs of steal” they were my strongest muscles, I did have thicker musclier legs mostly due to Gymnastics.. Thanks mom!

So todays work out consisted of a circuit using free weights plus a machine for the warm up and cool down.

10 Minute Stair Master- level 6 ( on 5 min mark side step for two mins/ switch do opposite leg) the last minute I also skip every other step… you will feel the burn!


Kettle Bell Swings 3×20 (This means you will do 3 sessions and do this set 20 times)

Kettle Bell Dead Lift 3×20

Kettle Bell Front Squat 3×20

Box Jumps 3×15

Cool Down-

Treadmill Incline 13.5 speed 3.5  miles 1.0

I always like to end with a light cardio nothing too heavy just to give my body time to take a break from the weights.

I always end with cardio as well.

Honestly I started doing Squats, Kettle Bell exercises, Stair master, Lunges & running on the treadmill has trimmed my legs and Butt the most! I’ve never seen them them look as toned as they do now these exercise are your friends because they are working other muscles as well and you don’t even notice until later so it’s like an extra perk! Happy Friday Guys much love