Friday’s Work out routine.

Hello and Happy Friday, here in Whitehouse, Texas it is nasty, I think Mother Nature forgot to take her meds again, last week it was great this week its a blizzard without the snow, we have slight flurries, sleet/rain mixture… you don’t want to be out and about. But I was a good Apple and after school I headed to the gym before it got too bad. Today was Leg day although most people hate leg day I love it! Maybe because my whole life my legs have been as my mother called them when I was young ” legs of steal” they were my strongest muscles, I did have thicker musclier legs mostly due to Gymnastics.. Thanks mom!

So todays work out consisted of a circuit using free weights plus a machine for the warm up and cool down.

10 Minute Stair Master- level 6 ( on 5 min mark side step for two mins/ switch do opposite leg) the last minute I also skip every other step… you will feel the burn!


Kettle Bell Swings 3×20 (This means you will do 3 sessions and do this set 20 times)

Kettle Bell Dead Lift 3×20

Kettle Bell Front Squat 3×20

Box Jumps 3×15

Cool Down-

Treadmill Incline 13.5 speed 3.5  miles 1.0

I always like to end with a light cardio nothing too heavy just to give my body time to take a break from the weights.

I always end with cardio as well.

Honestly I started doing Squats, Kettle Bell exercises, Stair master, Lunges & running on the treadmill has trimmed my legs and Butt the most! I’ve never seen them them look as toned as they do now these exercise are your friends because they are working other muscles as well and you don’t even notice until later so it’s like an extra perk! Happy Friday Guys much love





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