Today for lunch I made a Yummy Avocado Chicken Salad! OMG it was delicious I’ve been trying to find new ways to make transitions from fattening salad dressing I normally use on a daily basis with my foods like mayo, ranch and use less fattening or organic sauces to liven up my foods. I’ve seen it on Pinterest a lot but never gave it a try.. well when I went grocery shopping Friday night I was like hey… I’m going to give this a go because, I LOVEEEE chicken salad and eat it quite often since it’s an easy fix and store.  This Recipe is so easy a Tolder could do it I’m being serious! I did it under  5 mins maybe  even 3 I’ll have to time myself next time I make it and see.


What you need AKA Ingredients:

Chicken & Avocado ( lemon juice, pepper, salt opptional)

Step 1: You can use canned Chicken or broil your chicken either ones fine

Step 2: One whole Avocado peel and put in a bow with you chicken

Step 3: Mix the chicken and Avocado together, add pepper, salt ( I like onion powder, crushed onions and a dash of lemon juice as well) its preferences with what to mix in honestly, whatever you like. I basically put what I would normally if I were to make a quick Guacamole.

And Whallaaah! Presto Donzo you have a scrumptious lunch in no time, I ate with mine no bread, because I’m trying to cut down on carbs, only eating them when necessary you get a lot of carbs naturally no need to be adding processed white carbs ( breads) to my diet, but you can do whatever, eat it with some whole wheat crackers or whole wheat bread would be yummy and great!  I paired it with handful of fresh fruit like Grapes and Strawberries they were mouth watering so ripe and Mozzarella cheese.

   Thats all for today’s yummy nutrition from me, now go make a good salad for yourself it’s quick and easy and makes a great lunch or dinner for on the go. I’m a busy college student I know you don’t have time, so go make one and stick it in the fridge for later I did!




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