Society’s Beauty Myths Unveiled

Society’s Beauty Myths Unveiled

This is amazing this father should get an award! I hate how magazines use many of these words he points out, it is whats wrong with the beauty industry and fashion industry. They make women feel as if we aren’t good enough and they use these words to demise us, and it sells because women have been fed this statistic for years that skinny, flawless, ageless, natural beauty… when it all should have a sign saying “HELLO WE’VE ALL BEEN HEAVILY PHOTOSHOPPED”!!! It angers me so, because I’m in this field of journalism and my passion is in fashion, fitness and health I’m glad I have my blog where I can a translate to so many women not to fall into Americas Magazine Crap! I’m glad there are people out there like this man who are willing to show the truth, such as I try to do that is all we can do. It shows that truth speaks for it self as you can see, the light is there we just have to bring it out from the darkness.


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