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Transformation Tuesday


This has been a transformation since April of 2013 when I decided to get back in shape and started educating myself on how to live a healthy life. I researched everything and watched youtube videos galore I asked personal trainer friends of mine and just started going at it.  Now I couldn’t see myself not living this way.

I eat what I want in proportion there is no cheat day bc I never deprive myself so my body doesn’t have cravings. I looked into what lifting weights was and how it effected your body. Myth: you don’t get bulky you get faster and better results. Truth: you look ten times better than busting your butt doing Cardio 24/7 trying to burn off the fat bc why? MUSCLE is less dense than fat, hence Muscle burns Fat. Can I get an AMEN! So I started doing Cross fit during the summer then took what I learned from those  exercises into the Gym.

It hasn’t been a full year I’m at the 8 month mark since that picture was taken, but I’ve been getting discouraged and have been wanting to encourage myself. Seeing these two pictures definitely opened my eyes a little to the changes in my body. The picture on Left I weigh only 7 lbs less but you can tell the difference bc of my muscle I’ve gained and fat I’ve lost just goes to show that SCALES aren’t everything. I try to tell people this all time! It’s being HEALTHY and STRONG not your end goal to just be Skinny. 

Zero Is Not A Size. Let’s stop comparing sizes because no one person will have the same journey as you do.

I went from wearing at my highest a size 10 to being able to fit into a size 4-6 it’s a great feeling and accomplishment for myself and I have to remind myself that I did it. So to all you out there who all also on this journey keep going. I get so encouraged when I see others succeed and prosper. I will go on youtube and watch other people’s testimony to get myself going…. like yeah if they can do it so can I! I can’t give up I’ve come too far, and then get back on that GRIND and GYM TIME!

Much Love



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