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Transformation Tuesday

Balancing The Tightrope (Bipolar Life)


This has been a transformation since April of 2013 when I decided to get back in shape and started educating myself on how to live a healthy life. I researched everything and watched youtube videos galore I asked personal trainer friends of mine and just started going at it.  Now I couldn’t see myself not living this way.

I eat what I want in proportion there is no cheat day bc I never deprive myself so my body doesn’t have cravings( exception of TOM) but seriously I looked into what lifting weights was and how it effected your body.. myth and truth you don’t get bulky you get faster and better results and you look ten times better than busting your butt doing Cardio 24/7 trying to burn off the fat bc why? MUSCLE is less dense than fat, hence Muscle burns Fat AMEN! So I started doing Cross fit…

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