Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings are my favorite days, I wake up around 7:30 go for my run come inside take a shower, then go  make myself a cup of hot tea. I’m what other people call a Tea Snob but I don’t mind that just means I have good taste. Teavana is my favorite place to get tea from they juts have the best quality and when I used to live in Dallas it’s all I drank hot and cold tea I stirred away from coffee just because Teas are more organic and coffee makes me feel funny not natural. The caffeine you can get from a tea is almost i font more than from coffee alone. So yes Tea Snob is correct:) Anyways after Tea Time and writing in my journal normally a morning prayer or poem I’ll just sit in my back yard under our canopy and relax read my bible and meditate on what the day has to offer me as the sun peaks over my horizon I’m reminded of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful neighborhood with my family. Our home is so welcoming I love being able to wake up go run, had have tea, quite time and not leave the serenity of my house. This morning I woke up to homemade waffles, bacon & eggs and my favorite teas awaiting to be steeped. I always always have a song stuck in my head when I awake so I try to post it every time I write so here’s todays jam session (in my head).

Good morning to all,




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