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Happy Sunday! Remember you are a child of God and you are loved and cherished! No matter what you’re going through He will be there for you to help you Overcome any circumstance you’re going through!

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But you don’t look Bipolar?

This is the answer or question I get the most. You don’t look like you have a mental illness, you seem so normal. It’s like of sorry they let me out of the psych ward for the week and now I’m out in society living next to the normal folk. But really you never know what someone has gone through or is going through just by looking at them. That’s why it is a shock when I tell people about my disorder. They can’t believe it I act so normal. Well most of the time I am normal if you stick to you medicine, get plenty of sleep, manage your stress levels, prioritize your time well.

You can live a happy fulfilled life. As I’m trying to do. I haven’t struggled with the ups and downs of Bipolar because I’ve found a medication that regulate and prevents those hard mood swings and episodes of mania. Now mania isn’t all bad you feel creative and motived. Like your on a high, it’s when the destructive behavior comes out that it can effect my life. Not sleeping or eating, spending money I don’t have, being rude and irritated, just some of the symptoms of manic behavior. It’s been a year and some months since I’ve had any symptoms at all. I thank God everyday I get to live a normal life again. But there is always that worry in the back of my mind when is it going to happen again. Will I be prepared this time. And the answer is yes. I know they signs and what to do.

I think having a plan of action in place is very important. You don’t want your case to escalate to the point where you have to be hospitalized because that is a whole other animal you don’t want to go through. So start planning have your psychiatrist on speed dial, for when you can’t sleep, start to feel mania come on, you can bite it in the butt before it becomes full blown manic. That’s my advice if you have any questions about Bipolar Disorder please comment or send me a text I’d love to answer them! Here to help have a great week!

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My community group!

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on here so I thought I’d give you an update on my life and what’s been going on. Lately my life has been going great! Everything is on track I’m focused and motivated more than ever. I have a purpose in life and I have a wonderful support system. I think living with Bipolar Disorder is possible if you surround yourself with people who are there to push you forward and are willing to help you along they way. Surround yourself with positive people who devote themselves to you and live and counsel you biblically. In my case I have a group of girls from my church who I meet with every Monday night and we gather together and sort through all of life’s issues and we commune together and go through our life each week the struggles, the praises. It’s been life changing and so good for my life.

I was able to open up to them about what I’m struggling with. So as you know I’ve struggled with my disorder for over 2 and half years now. I have had no symptoms no highs or lows which is incredible I’ve been able to live a full life without all the baggage that the disorder can bring. I do have a mild case so I know how lucky I am. I’ve been to groups where I hear stories of people who have it much worse than I do. They can’t function, hold relationships, a job. I count my blessings that my doctor and I have found a medicine that not only works but keeps those terrible symptoms at bay.

I never want to have an episode again and after talking to my doctor I can prevent one from happening my life just looks a little different from yours. I have to monitor my sleep, things I put in my body, stress levels. So going to see a Christian counselor is helpful when sorting through feelings. I have felt happy and hopeful about my future . Recently I got a full time job with a great company out of Rowlett, TX. I am excited for this new journey and how much I’ll be able to learn and grow with this company. I was patient and prayed so very hard for a job to come along and after some time of waiting it finally did God answered my prayer in big ways. As far as school goes I’m in a full summer semester taking 3 classes. They are all challenging to say the least. I know I can push through I will have to buckle down and get it done. The most exciting thing I did this week was get my library card! Laugh all you want but I’m an avid reader and now I can check out up to 30 books at a time. I got three books to start out two Christian books and one fiction I have three weeks to read them all and I plan to finish them.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! That’s pretty much all that’s been going on lately I hope you are chasing your dreams and you don’t feel alone in life. I’m here for you please leave comments below I’d love to answer any questions you may have. Happy Sunday!

Seek his will and all you do, and he will show you which path to take.- Proverbs 3:6

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The untold story of being Bipolar

Loneliness can be your worst enemy. Isolation is what can happen when your in an episode you withdrawal from the people you love and care about. Sometimes you do it and don’t even realize your all alone until it’s too late. You start to wonder where everyone is and when did they disappear? In reality you’ve been backing away slowly until you look up and everyone you love is gone because you’ve pushed them away.

That is the untold truth of what can happen during an manic episode and you come down from your episode and the depression starts to creep in its then that you feel the loneliness. At times it can be a relief to not have someone breathing down your back always asking questions about how you feel or if your doing okay. When this happens it’s the time that I withdrawal from people the most my family and friends.

Then I start to tell myself that they don’t care and they couldn’t possibly understand what I’m going through. I put words in their mouth for them I don’t give them a chance to try and understand me and how I feel I just assume they couldn’t because they aren’t bipolar. How could they know how if feels to not be in control of your mind. Even when your on your medicine sometimes it’s not enough. You can’t control how you feel and then you assume nobody else can relate to you. Which is usually true in my circumstance most people I’m close to can’t relate but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to talk to them about what I’m going through. My advice is to when you want to back away and isolate yourself you should go see your counselor or a trusted friend and tell them how you feel. Letting someone know you feel alone can be a relief and then they can try to help you or give you sound advice so you don’t feel that way anymore.

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Food Prep 101

Start by washing your veggies

Then cut the sweet potatoes 🍠 in quarter size pieces put them in a bowl with a table spoon of olive oil and your choice of seasoning. I used Tony Chachere’s the orginal flavor you can buy it a Walmart or Kroger!

Repeat process for Brussel Sprouts I cut them in half.

Cook at 350 for 30-35 minuets until the potato’s are tender and the brussel sprouts are nice and bright green.

Next I browned by turkey meat 🍖 for 20 minutes and added about 3 tablespoons of buffalo sauce to the meat. Personal preference!

For an extra kick o added a couple slices of fresh avocado to the bowl! Now your finished and ready to refrigerate. Now you have a quick and easy meal on the go!

Overall I spent 67.00 at Walmart on the meal prep of course I got a couple other snack. So this meal alone cost me about 25 dollars and I got 7 meals out of it.