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Caffe Latte Shake

1/2 cup of cold brew

1 scoop of protein powder

6 ice cubes

Blend and serve! 🙌🏻😽😻New favorite way to drink my meal replacement shake yummy 😋 lunch

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The untold story of being Bipolar

Loneliness can be your worst enemy. Isolation is what can happen when your in an episode you withdrawal from the people you love and care about. Sometimes you do it and don’t even realize your all alone until it’s too late. You start to wonder where everyone is and when did they disappear? In reality you’ve been backing away slowly until you look up and everyone you love is gone because you’ve pushed them away.

That is the untold truth of what can happen during an manic episode and you come down from your episode and the depression starts to creep in its then that you feel the loneliness. At times it can be a relief to not have someone breathing down your back always asking questions about how you feel or if your doing okay. When this happens it’s the time that I withdrawal from people the most my family and friends.

Then I start to tell myself that they don’t care and they couldn’t possibly understand what I’m going through. I put words in their mouth for them I don’t give them a chance to try and understand me and how I feel I just assume they couldn’t because they aren’t bipolar. How could they know how if feels to not be in control of your mind. Even when your on your medicine sometimes it’s not enough. You can’t control how you feel and then you assume nobody else can relate to you. Which is usually true in my circumstance most people I’m close to can’t relate but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to talk to them about what I’m going through. My advice is to when you want to back away and isolate yourself you should go see your counselor or a trusted friend and tell them how you feel. Letting someone know you feel alone can be a relief and then they can try to help you or give you sound advice so you don’t feel that way anymore.

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Food Prep 101

Start by washing your veggies

Then cut the sweet potatoes 🍠 in quarter size pieces put them in a bowl with a table spoon of olive oil and your choice of seasoning. I used Tony Chachere’s the orginal flavor you can buy it a Walmart or Kroger!

Repeat process for Brussel Sprouts I cut them in half.

Cook at 350 for 30-35 minuets until the potato’s are tender and the brussel sprouts are nice and bright green.

Next I browned by turkey meat 🍖 for 20 minutes and added about 3 tablespoons of buffalo sauce to the meat. Personal preference!

For an extra kick o added a couple slices of fresh avocado to the bowl! Now your finished and ready to refrigerate. Now you have a quick and easy meal on the go!

Overall I spent 67.00 at Walmart on the meal prep of course I got a couple other snack. So this meal alone cost me about 25 dollars and I got 7 meals out of it.

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Guy Talk.


They say Blondes have more fun but do they really? I’ve had every color know to mankind on my head and I still had just as much fun as when I was a when I was blonde. This cliche is stupid, because I am a natural strawberry blonde does that mean your leaving me out because I got some strawberry color in mine? Nope. Don’t think so. I think it depends are your personality. Mine happens to be well different than most girls. My best guy friend used to tell me I was one of the guys but in a girls body or that I was always a tomboy ( which I’m not hello? Went to school for Fashion Merchandising) I’m so girly…but I do love my Chuck Taylors every now and then. Now that might seem weird or come off as rude but I’ll take it as a compliment. I know what he means though, I grew up with two brothers one younger and one older than me so I get guys I really truly do.

They are gross and nasty, pick their noses, but can be sweet and loving and they do care behind the mask they put up. I know this because I observe everything my brothers have every done very very closely. I mean when I was little I wanted to stand Peeing Up! Because my older brother Nick  did it, I was 3 people give me a break ok. Anyways I get guys and understand them more than I do girls, is that weird I think so too? haha but oh well it happens when you don’t grow up around any sisters you become more accustomed to guy talk then girl talk. Now don’t get me wrong I can sooooo talk girl talk with ya but I’d rather be surrounded by a bunch of smelly guys, because it’s more comfortable since I’m very close to my brothers we talk about everything from girls to butts to makeup girls wear too much of, I’ve gotten the inside scoop of “how the mind of a boy to a man” works.

Let me tell ya it’s so interesting to see and watch my brothers especially my now 19yr old little brother go from 5’4 to  6’1 /6’2 whichever who cares but man… do I feel like a midget beside him.. call out Wizard of Oz extras I could be one how he towers over me!  People either think two things when we are together which we normally are being best buddies in all, that we are twins boy and girl… or that he my roguishly handsome boyfriend. Ha I don’t mind either one its flattering to me and him. But we aren’t either just look a lot a like for siblings. It makes me laugh haha. Back to my guy rant. Guys hate it when girls are needy, they hate it when you wear too much make-up that you face looks like a cupcake, sorry ladies they do. All this coming from my two brothers who are very wise and smart and are complete gentlemen. My Mamma raised them right, they open car doors, pull out chairs for me let me go first well sometimes but most the time when they aren’t making jokes about how Blonde I can be they are sweet.

I’ve seen how women are suppose to be treated by their examples and I’ve also heard horror stories of how and what guys talk about coming from their point of view… I’ve hear it all. And this post was just me thinking out loud about how men and women are so complete polar opposite from one another… Then there’s me… A one of a kind gem who thinks like a guy but looks like a girl. What do I do? I compromise my feelings I have to remind myself to think like a girl because I normally don’t like what my girly instincts tell me sometimes. They say to be a lady well I sure as hell am:) but I am a tomboy at heart I just don’t let it show, I guess I’d have to admit it. After all these years yes I am. I get dirty. SO WHAT. Right its ok sometimes. Not to be a complete lady to let loose and live. I have to remind myself that.

I love to go camping and sit out by the fire and enjoy nature read a book I’m always reading something from Shakespeare to Emily Bronte, fishing is one of my favorite and relaxing things to do I loved going out and shooting skeet now that was an adventure I’ll never forget. I love being around my brothers more than anyone else in the world they are so special to me and have taught me and raised me right. They shown me how to be a good girlfriend and girl/friend to guys probably the best, because they tell me all the things they like girls to do that they don’t think of. I take into consideration everything they’ve said to me… ever and man has it helped me dodge some major mistakes. So thanks Nick and Josh for always being such men and nasty little boys so that I have something others girls don’t and thats endurance and strength to handle any curve ball life throws, because you taught me to catch at an early age I might of completely and utterly suck, but I tried really hard I mean, Real Hard at everything.

I’ve quit more things than most people its only because I get bored with things easily. But one of my shining moments they will always be proud of is when I tried out for basketball in the 8th grade and made B Team… like what! it was so exciting to be apart of a team. My brothers were so good at sports and I sucked butt. I was always too clumsy to do anything that required coordination. It was like I had two left feet, but only by the grace of God did I make they team that day and actually wasn’t benched the whole time. They were there at every home game and I remember looking up into the stands and seeing both of them wave and smile they were so proud of their sissy for playing some athletic sport they could enjoy. They hated being at my recitals for dance ohGod! did they moan and complain… They heard the words Candy Crocker end of they year recital and went running the other way. Or my Drill Team dance competitions they hated them… but every year they were there at the end with bouquets of roses in one hand each and a big hug and a kiss it made my recitals worth it.

Brothers… there’s something to be said to everyone who has had the chance to have them. They are great and I wouldn’t trade mine in for nothing:) No way its an open portal to Man World 24/7 who wants to shut that down, not me it helps me out daily to know what and how guys think. Well thats all on my rant about guys today hah. Some are jerks & some like my brothers aren’t you just got to understand them from their points of views then you’ll understand men/guys better.